A Weird Writer

I am separated from you with the thread of words

Forming a string that connects hearts

Once I throw my thoughts in the ashtray of stories

They are gone forever

They either touch the skies or are thrown off the storeys


My letters are the litters of my feelings

Garnished with the pearls of words

It’s an escapade from the mundane world

Where the stream of my thoughts

Impel others to give a food for thought 


I am in awe of everything that’s happening

Because that’s the fodder of my writing

I am amazed to be in the maze of creativity

Where I can create my own routes

And enhance my writing longevity


I find respite in the shelter of a pen and a paper

Though nowadays

It’s all about iPad, Laptop or the Computer

They are the ventilators of my imagination

Constantly releasing the work of my recreation


My encounter with you might be errie

Because you might be the subject of my next story

So let’s strike up a conversation

Who knows?

My protagonist might be reading this now