Achieving Your Dreams

Life is a wonderful gift to human beings.  Every human being in this world whether rich or poor have some dreams. Some of them dream to be a doctor, sportsperson, engineer, artist where as some aspire to be an actor. But Life is never so easy as it comes with many complications and obstructions that act as a barrier towards achieving their dream.

Through this blog I want to encourage all those individuals who have just started their journey of struggle. I will neither give any examples nor discuss about the life stories of successful people who inspite of facing numerous difficulties have achieved their dreams, as the numbers are countless. I will just discuss some basic things which according to me can definitely help an individual to realize their dreams. The rest is in the hands of God, the creator of this Universe.

First of all, you will have to learn to dream. It is very important to see yourself in that position and this is the single most responsible factor that will keep you running towards the direction of your goal and achieve it ultimately. Hence, you have to think bigger to make it biggest.           

Secondly, you have to work towards accomplishing your goal. Just dreaming about it is perhaps not enough you will also have to take all the necessary actions. There will be several hurdles either financially or emotionally but these things should not in any way demotivate you or divert your mind and while doing all this you also have to be patient enough because being impatient is the single most destructive thing that you do of not achieving your dream.

Thirdly and most importantly you should always think positive and be ready to face challenges and failures. The more failures and challenges you face the more you learn. Did you know while the Australian Army makes a core security team they only pick those guys who have failed in some of their academic subjects as they know how to learn from failure and improve oneself.

At the end I just want to say that “there is light and the end of the tunnel and one day you will definitely achieve your dream”. So, guys start dreaming, work on it and achieve it. All the best in life!!!!!!!Image


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