This is something which I enjoy doing the most in my leisure time. Yes, photography helps me to get out of boredom and monotonousness of life. I love taking pictures of people, birds, nature or any other things that I come across in everyday life.  Photography helps you to see life from a totally different perspective. It makes you feel and believe that life is very beautiful and all the things surrounding us are precious.

You do not need an occasion like a traditional festival or an important event to click pictures. You can get started anywhere whether it is in a railway station, at the nearby locality and even at your home. Remember, a photographer’s main task is to present the exquisiteness of any object, place, people or an event through lens.

It is not at all necessary to learn photography skills to be a good photographer. What you need to have is the passion, the ability to see things differently, the tendency to experiment and most importantly  have knowledge about  some photo editing softwares like photoshop, Microsoft photo editor etc  that will enhance the overall beauty of your photographs.


Sometimes a picture itself speaks or describes a beautiful moment. Just take the example of the picture given below.

Two empty chairs facing each other in a lonely park indicates the profound serenity of the place and at the same time also tries to convey its unhappiness for non existence of human. Thus, we get two completely different views.  In the same way different people might also have different opinions. This is because the way the photograph is taken helps people to think rationally and differently.  I believe this is one of the biggest qualities of a photographer to represent things that enables his or her audience to explore the beauty or the mystery hidden behind it.





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