Chamundi Hills

Of all the major tourist attractions in Mysore, one of the most interesting spots are the Chamundi Hills. The name Chamundi is derived from Goddess Chamundeswari who killed Mahishasura (king of the demons in Hindu Mythology). The hill is situated at 3489 feet above the sea level. Two temples Chamundeshvari and Mahabaleshvara temples are situated here. From the very first day of my visit to Mysore I made it a point to pay a visit to the sacred hills. I was completely mesmerized by the visit to the hills.

So, it was one evening when I decided to pay a visit there. Driving uphill was a breathtaking experience. The frequent road turnings, rocky mountains on one side of the road were really amazing. As we were going up I could see the city of Mysore beneath. It seemed as if we were flying in an aeroplane that has just taken off from the aerodrome. The view from above was spectacular at the same time thrilling as this was something which I was experiencing after a long time. Well, one can even climb the hills after completing 1000 steps.

Finally, we reached at the peak of the hill where many people gathered in front of temples to offer prayers to Goddess Chamundeswari. A huge statue of Mahishasura is placed before the entry to the temples. After spending some time there we witnessed the panoramic view of the full Mysore City. Since, it was evening and was dark all around the view was even more spectacular. All I could see was a cluster of lights scattered everywhere that were originally the buildings which were lighted up. I enjoyed the trip a lot and would say that Chamundi Hills are a must visit for any tourist in Mysore.

I am presentingsome shots taken at Chamundi HillsImage, Image


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