I started writing articles from my graduation days and today I am in a profession which involves writing. A normal thought that comes to one’s mind before he or she starts blogging is ‘what to write?’. Yes, this is the common problem which most of the aspiring bloggers face when they are about to write their first blog.

I think one can start writing on any topic of his or her choice. It can be about an event, a gadget, travelling, and relationships or even on food. Writing wakes up the inner soul of a person and enables him or her to express ideas in a more clear way. All the experiences that one underwent at a particular point of time can be assimilated into beautiful paragraphs and presented. Moreover, while writing about a particular event an individual can again go back and try to rediscover those precious moments. Readers find a write up or an article interesting when the writer describes a real life incident or present some interesting facts.

Another important factor is use of words. Words bring life. At the same time it is quite important for a writer to have a huge stock of words and knowledge about using the right word at right point of time. I therefore urge all the writers to start writing about all the experiences whether good or bad. So go ahead fellas and start blogging!!!Image


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