The Change in Indian Cinema

This year Indian Cinema completed 100 years. I thought why not write something about the change in Indian Cinema. Indian Cinema has undergone a rapid transformation since the last few years. Be it in terms of story writing, acting, music, cinematography or direction Indian filmmakers are doing an excellent job in all these fields by taking it to a new level. Earlier Indian films were a bit stereotypical that is they were mainly made on same concepts like romance and action. But since the last few years Indian filmmakers have started experimenting and have been quite successful in doing it. They are touching on more sensitive issues like farmer suicide, Gay relationship, Indian education system and sperm donation. Previously, all these issues were untouched

Films like Peepli Live (that focuses on the causes of farmer suicide in India), 3 Idiots (that shows the flaws in the Indian Education system) Dostana (that projects two male having a relationship) and Vicky Donor (that throws light on sperm donation) have been a box office hit. People can directly associate themselves with the protagonist of these films because some where or the other these films have connection with the common man and the experiences that one undergoes in everyday life. Moreover, low budget and good content have been intelligently mixed both by the new as well as existing film makers which are accepted by the audience very well. Indian films have a long way to go and the day is not far enough when it will share the stage with good quality films whenever it comes to superior film making.


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