Is SMS Killing English?

A big debatable topic for today’s Yoo!!!  Generation isn’t it. You can’t give any strong logic to support your viewpoint (Atleast I can’t). My opinion regarding this topic is neutral and I have got good reasons for that.

Ok, so let’s start with reasons supporting the topic. To be very frank SMS is one of the easiest, shortest and fastest ways to communicate with others. Today, with the advent of numerous mobile chat applications like whats app, facebook or blackberry messenger we stay connected to our friends, family and office colleagues wherever we are. Just write a few words in short form like I m bsy nw, callng u ltr and your job is done. You can also express your mood or emotions through the smileys like J, :p, L, >3, 😀 and God knows what else. You also do not need to call the other person as you can simply send a text message and moreover one can also send a message to numerous persons at a time

Now, there is only one biggest drawback of Short Message Service and that is it kills English. Yes, it might be too difficult to digest but this is the fact. Particularly, for youngsters this is a huge drawback as they lose the ability to spell words properly. Not for everyone but most of them face this problem. Since I am neutral to this topic and do not know what is the best I leave to the readers to decide.



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