Reading is a great Habit!

From our schooldays the habit of reading is inculcated inside us (remember the reading comprehension classes). Reading is an art; a way of expressing thoughts. It is a wonderful habit if practiced properly. It makes a person speak in a more eloquent manner.

According to me there are three things that reading improves inside an individual:

  • Knowledge: There is a saying that “To lead you have to read”. The more a person reads the more knowledge he or she gains and being knowledgeable is one of the characteristic trait that one always looks inside a leader.
  • Vocabulary: There is no denying in the fact that reading improves the vocabulary of a person or what we normally call as stock of words. One word has various synonyms and it is used in various contexts. So, reading books, articles, magazines on topics lets an individual know the different meanings of the same word thereby improving the vocabulary.
  • Impact: Reading can have an impact on the audience. When the pope of the church reads out the Bible verses his intention is not only to let the people know about the teachings of God but also to communicate to them in a clear way.
  • Presentation: Now this is a really interesting fact. While reading a passage or a verse there are certain punctuations that comes. For example: commas and semicolons. The main purpose of using these punctuations is to let the reader understand that there is a pause that is required to be given in order to justify the meaning of the sentence. Only a good reader can present it in a beautiful way.


 ImageI want to conclude by saying that Reading is a great Habit and one must succumb to it.


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