Positive Thinking

No two human beings in this world are same. They differ from each other in one way or the other; be it in terms of thinking, taking decisions, attitude, appearance and a lot more things. Though, we get people of similar mindsets who think exactly like us. But most of the time we meet or for a matter of fact are surrounded, by two sets of people that are persons who think positively and persons who think negatively.

From my personal experience positive thinking people achieve more in life and overcome failure very confidently. To them, life is like a challenge where one can overcome his or her failure by the dint of his or her hard work. As far as the negative thinking people are concerned they try to project failure by citing reasons or excuses. Neither do they let themselves give a second of trying for the same, nor they allow or encourage others to do so.

For me, an individual should always start his or her journey on the road to success with a positive frame of mind. This rule is also applicable in the everyday work we do or the kind of profession we are in to. Well, to explain my point let me take the simple example of a Doctor. When a Doctor is about to perform a life threatening operation he or she always assures the family members by saying that “I or we are going to try our level best” and here comes the power of positive thinking. It gives a sense of belief to only to the tensed family members of the patient but also helps the team of Doctors or surgeons to start the operation with the expectation of successful results. So my advice to all the people out there is “think positive, be positive and the world will be yours”.


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