Handling Rejections at Job Interviews

The last few days in my life have been full of hard work, stress and unexpected results. I thought why not share my experiences with you guys.

Ok, so this blog is about handling rejections at job interviews. I have been giving a couple of interviews since the last week to get a good job. Some of the companies where I went were my dream companies; I really wanted to get a job there either by hook or by crook. In few of them, I got rejected as I could not give my best and I was not at all sad as I knew the way things went. But there was this company where I cleared all the rounds. I was quite confident about my performance and thought that I will definitely land up with a job here for sure.

I was eagerly waiting for a call from the HR of the company only to here those golden words “Congratulations, you have been selected”. But I was really disheartened when one day I was informed that I have not been selected for the post. It seemed like the earth beneath my feet has moved, I was not able to think properly, I completely lost faith in myself and my abilities. I immediately called up my colleague only to inform her about this massacre (couldn’t find a more appropriate word than this J). She was extremely supportive and asked me not to lose heart and have patience.

So, my main objective of telling the story is that rejections at job interviews breaks a person completely , especially  at a time when the interviewee knows that he or she had given her best, but we have to accept the outcome or the results as it is. After getting rejected, I decided I will work hard more and took a pledge that I am not going to give up until and unless I get a good job. Finally, yesterday I got a job and am satisfied with it. I encourage all the job seekers that not to lose heart and most importantly one must have the confidence in one’s ability. I know these things are easy to say but when comes to implementing you really need courage and a strong determination. If you have these two qualities then the world is all yours.


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