Being Alone

Yaa this is for the first time that I am staying alone in a city away from my parents. Now, I understand the feeling of being lonely. It seems like one day is equal to one year. Maximum part of the day, I spend my time in office and is busy in work. At the end of the day I return home with all the thoughts and learning’s of my work place. After returning home I have my dinner and either get glued to the laptop or read the Holy Book.

Sometimes, I spent the night speaking with my friends. It feels good to talk with someone rather than feeling alone and locked inside a room. To reduce my loneliness I also sometime visit the nearby market, visit temple and offer prayers. These things refresh my mind; makes me feel happy and calm from inside. I also write blogs to overcome my boredom. On holidays I visit a friend’s house or go out places and click pictures

I think to forget loneliness you have to keep yourself busy constantly in something or the other and you will never realize how time passes by. Do what your heart says and you will never feel alone or bored.Image


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