A stroll through Lajpat Nagar Central Market

Its 6:30 p.m. in the evening and I am walking through the Lajpat Nagar Central Market. The place can be called as the ‘Mecca of shopping’in South Delhi. It is one of the most favourite hangout places for the cities young brigade, shopaholics and couples. People from both middle and affluent class come to this place to fulfill their shopping desires. The long queue of cars like Audi, Mercedez and Skoda at the parking lot gives a hint that the upper strata of the society also consider this market as their favourite one.

As I start walking through the Central Market, I see a throng of people cluttering themselves at various stalls. I stop at one of the shops selling a variety of sandals for both males and females. I enquire about the price and only end up purchasing one for myself. Moving away from this stall I get stuck in the crowd of a ladies bag shop. Wohh!!!!!!these ladies are really crazy, they are busy haggling with the shopkeeper on the price of a bag and won’t stop doing that until and unless the shopkeeper reduces the price. Hence, I had to make my way out and move on further.

Hoping to get some space, I come across to a similar situation on my next stop. Well, here the situation is quite lighter. Girls in their early twenties and ladies in their mid thirties are not able to decide which will be their final purchase as they struggle to find the best earrings, necklaces and bracelets for themselves as they try out each one of them and look themselves in the mirror.

Next, I find myself in front of ‘The Piercing Shop’.Oops!!! this is the only thing that I could see coz the place is so crowded that I could not take a sneak peak of what is really happening out here. What I could see are a group of girls surrounding a manJ. It’s only after few seconds, when the shopkeeper of the next shop gives a sweet smile and tells me that here piercing of ears and nose are done.

You can also find the outlets of some well known brands like Louis Vutton, Blackberry in and around Central Market. If you get tired of roaming through the multiple shops then you can try some lip smacking foods and snacks like the Golgappaz or the chat. Well, you can also enjoy some light snacks and café at the Café coffee day outlet.

The Market is very adjacent to the Lajpat Nagar Metro Station and is only 15 minutes walk away. You can take a rickshaw from the metro station also. So, if you arrive in New Delhi, India do not forget to pay a visit to this wonderful place.ImageImageImageImage


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