A Teacher

Teaching is a great profession. I personally like it. A teacher has a great responsibility upon his or her shoulders. The future of the coming generation all rests upon a teacher. A good teacher not only imparts education but also teaches the values, morals and principles of life to all the students. A teacher should be someone who should teach his or her pupil the hurdles that are going to come in life and how to overcome it. A teacher is the next most responsible person after parents to be a role model in the life of the students.

A teacher student relationship is one of the most purest relationships. If our parents teaches us discipline in our lives a teacher makes it sure that we follow it. Sometimes, when we commit mistake our teachers scold us. Our immature mind at that point of time is unable to understand her reaction but it is only when we grow up that we began to realize that whatever they taught us was for our good.

I had come across in my student life many teachers but there are two persons whom I respect the most and try to follow their way of life. One of them is my maths teacher and the other one is my English teacher. Now, the reason I use the word MY is because of the fact that they have become a part of my life today and both of them are like family. I always appreciate the way they live their lives. Both of them lead a very simple life. I always try to follow their path and one day I want to make them proud by being a great person.Image


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