How to write a better travel article

Being a writer by profession, I am often asked by my fellow colleagues to write a travel article on a particular travel destination. Attempting an article or a blog for the first time is easy and quite interesting as you can easily gather all the sources or rather adapt the clever techniques of writing on some specific topics such as culture, weather, music, hot spots every other time. But problem arises at that point of time when you are asked to write an article on the same destination x number of times, say eight or ten times. It really becomes difficult as no other option is left.

I think there are some options that one can try out

  • Try writing about any particular event of that place.
  • Give an example of that place if any celebrity has visited recently or in the past.
  • Mention a quote of a famous person for that place.
  • Last but not the least is finding out an image of that particular destination and imagine yourself moving through that place. Believe me, you might not get the necessary resource but you can give a very good start or what we say in our term is bring that “wow factor” at the opening paragraph of your article.

 ImageWell, I would like to end here because I know that you guys have more creative thoughts than me. So, if you have any do not forget to mention in the comment box below.


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