Why you should have Eggs every day?

Hey Guys!!Hope you are doing well, I thought it’s time to write some yummy blog. This morning I had eggs in my breakfast and was wandering what’s so fascinating about this oval shaped thing. It was then when I decided to research about eggs and its benefits. I was fascinated by what I found and hence I thought I must share this with you guys.

After reading this blog you will be able to overcome your myth and will definitely be an egg lover.

Well, the two most important things in an egg are the yolk and the egg white. The yolk contains 90% calcium and iron. The egg white on the other hand consists of protein that increases the metabolism of the body by pumping up energy levels.

Now, as I unfold the mystery behind an egg you will slowly come to know the benefits of eating an egg.

Vitamins: There are a plethora of vitamins that you can have by eating an egg. First of all, the presence of Vitamin B2 helps to break down the food that you have consumed in to energy. Secondly, the presence of Vitamin B12 helps to produce red blood cells. Thirdly, it is rich in Vitamin A that helps to improve eye sight. Fourthly, Vitamin E fights free radicals that are responsible for producing cancerous cells inside the body.

Weight Loss: Eggs are a great way to lose weights. A research done by Rochester Center for Obesity Research revealed that eating eggs everyday increases the calories by 400 calories.

Minerals: Important minerals such as zinc, iron and phosphorus are present in eggs. Women, due to menstruation lose a lot of iron from their body thus leaving them weak. Eating eggs will make them feel energetic and will restore the lost energy.

Prevention from Breast Cancer: In the year 2003 Harvard University conducted a research and found out that eating eggs can reduce the risk of breast cancer among women and hence it is necessary that women should have eggs.  


Most of us have a preconceived notion that eating eggs creates fat in your body and can lead to obesity; this is true, but having them in right quantity can surely give got results. So eat eggs and lead a healthy life.



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