Why Google? When there are so many!

Yes, this is the question that sparked in my mind today. As I gave a thought to the idea, I ultimately found out that there are so many websites that we can refer when it comes to searching data or information online. Most of us, take the help of Google whenever we want to search something on the internet. We forget that other than this, there are numerous other search engines that we can refer to. This is because of the fact that Google is considered as the king of all the search engines. I am not an anti Google person but just wanted to share this with you all that you can refer other search engines also that are given in the list mentioned below:




Aol Search





So, the next time you search something online make sure you don’t Google it, rather Yahoo it, Bing it or ASK it!!!



3 thoughts on “Why Google? When there are so many!

  1. Google is not so much the king it is the word you hear the most (so if everyone uses it it must be good) and is installed on every smartphone and tablet using Android. Do not like ASK ether.

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