I am 25 now. Life is running like anything, I wish it had gears like an automobile has so that I could change the speed and keep the pace according to my desires. As I look back at the years of my childhood I wander that how these years passed at a lightning speed. From a school boy to a college hunk and now a professional everything happened within no time I guess. Many of my friends today are businessman, investment bankers, chartered accountants, teachers, government officials, brand managers and a few of them proud fathers too. When we often chat with each other we often talk about the good old days that we spent in schools and colleges. The naughty things we did in classrooms and in the campus like imitating teachers, bunking classes and what not are now memories and are only to be cherished. All these are now replaced by the deadlines and targets in the work.

There is hardly any time left in the weekend even as we are all stressed by the weeklong hectic work schedule. But I think it is important to keep the relationship alive and that can be done by a simple phone call. Trust me, even making this simple call is quite difficult as we all become so engrossed with our own lives that even if we plan to speak with someone still it becomes a tough job. But, on the other hand, it is not difficult also as technology as provided us the 24/7 chat apps.

I want to conclude by saying that Friends are precious, they scold you when you are wrong, rectify you when you commit mistakes and enjoy with you in the best moments of your life. They are the greatest assets that God has given to the human beings. So, love them.



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