Managing Time

‘Time and tide waits for none, ‘A stich in time saves nine’, all these quotes are really wonderful to listen but when it comes to implying them in our everyday life it is really difficult. At least for me, I now try to manage things in time as I have realized the importance of time and have also suffered the consequences of not doing things within time.

Today, as I write this blog, I will be telling you people how I managed to do things in time. It is no doubt that men by nature are very disorganized, but doings things at the last moment can cost you a lot or might also land you up in some serious trouble. Setting an agenda for the day is the key for me or you can say it is the trick that I apply in everyday life in order to do all the things in time.

So, how do I do it? Well, I wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning. Do some light exercise for half an hour. Then prepare my office meal and take a warm shower after that. Let me mention here that while doing this I keep an eye on the watch. I have a set time for everything. Sometimes, If some extra time is left then I check my inbox before going to office.

I apply the same routine even at my work place. I try my level best to complete the work within the given deadline. If that means reaching office an hour earlier or staying in the evening for a little more time, I do that. Doing this, or inculcating this habit not only helps you to avoid tension but also enables you to spend some good time with your family members after home or else you still have to open the laptop and keep working the whole night.

Our life is always overloaded with work and responsibilities. If we are able to manage time then things will obviously fall in to place. I want to end by saying that “yes, it is difficult to manage time, but once you do it you can reap its benefits.”



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