How to identify a fake facebook profile?

It is true that Facebook has brought the whole world in one social platform. Keeping a constant touch with friends and relatives all the time is not a problem. Open a facebook account and the job is done. But there is a grim side to it, people sometimes fall prey to fake friends, get in to a serious relationships and often get duped by the ‘social partner’. Today, there are numerous examples when either a girl or a boy had fallen in to the trap of a stranger with an attractive profile picture and repented the rest of his or her life. Who knows even you might have recently added someone like this.

So, here are some steps which you can apply in order to judge that whether the person whom you have recently added is real or it’s just a fake one.

  • Photos: A person with a fake profile is bound to have only one photo as profile pic.
  • Updates: Not updating status for a long time is a very clear indication that the profile is fake.
  • Activities: Check the recent activity section carefully. A person with a fake profile will randomly add persons irrespective of the country they stay in.
  • Friend list: If you find that the maximum number of friends is of the opposite sex, then it is enough for you to understand that the account is for dating and fun.
  • Phone Number: Girls normally do not provide contact number in the info section. But, if you find one then you can understand that it is a fake one; or for that matter you can also dial the number of the concerned person to be double sure.


Next time, you get a new ‘friend request’, BEWARE! You know the reason.



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