The importance of Gratitude

Gratitude is an effective part of a charismatic personality. Not many people have this characteristic. But, those who have it, has definitely got something whose fruits they are going to reap in the due course of their lives. Yes, thanking people for the contribution they made in your lives soothes the soul of the person or the persons to whom you are expressing your gratitude. Do not worry! If you have not done anything of this kind till date as from today onwards, you can start thanking God for the beautiful life that he has given to you on this wonderful earth.

Relationships thrive and sustain because of gratitude. Let me explain it by giving the example of Marriage. Couples, those who express love and gratitude for each other frequently feel more trustworthy to each other. In fact a research done by Dr. John Gottman suggests that the secret to long and happy marriage is expressing gratitude. He found out that the relationships between these couples sustain on the basis of a magic ratio of 5:1, which means that for every disagreement or negative discussion there are always five positive and caring conversations.  

Even at the work place Gratitude is important. Giving thanks to the team members encourages a good team work and therefore the productivity also increases. It really acts as a miracle and inspires each other to work hard and achieve the desired results.

So, start practicing gratitude today. You will earn a lot of respect from others for sure and more importantly and keep a healthy relationship.Image


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