Midnight Sun

I came across this interesting topic while researching for one of my articles. I was completely taken aback by what I found and thought it is necessary to share with you guys.

 Midnight Sun is a phenomenon that takes place mainly around the northern Arctic and the Southern Antarctic Circle. The sun remains visible 24 hours a day. There is a specific reason for the occurrence of such kind of phenomenon. The axis of the earth is tilted towards the sun in summer; where as in winter the earth moves away from the earth and hence the people experience the Midnight Sun.

 One can see the Midnight Sun every year from 12th June to 1st July. As you travel North, the period expands. One of the countries where you can experience this wonderful delight of nature is at Norway. If you ever go to the country then do not forget to visit The Svalbard Islands, Bodø, Tromsø, The Lofoten Islands and the Hammerfest.Imageave


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