Are TV serials a waste of time?

Every evening our moms and grandmoms get glued to the television sets to watch their favorite TV serials or what are known as the daily soaps. They complete all their household chores within a specific time and get ready to watch their favorite serials. Even if there is an India v/s Pakistan Match, they prefer the former than the later.

Most of these serials deal with the family affairs of everyday life whether it is the conflict between the saas bahu or between a husband and wife. But how much originality do they show while trying to project the social life is really a very big question?

The amount of emotional appeal that these shows try to present in front of the audience is nothing but a clever trick to gain high TRPs. A sudden twist in the story such as an arrival of any close family friend from abroad or a sudden appearance of the previous girlfriend of a married man out of nowhere is just disgusting and looks quite dumb. These shows severely impact the minds of the women present in the Indian household that are our moms, grand moms and our wives. They get so much attached to the show that sometimes they even try to create or find similar situations and characters in their own lives.

According to me, all the tv serials are based on fiction and majority of the incidents that are shown, are not in any way similar to our everyday lives. By showing such meaningless serials they only create skeptics in our mind. These shows are a waste of time and should not be seen at all. If we rather spend the time in doing something more productive or watching some other interesting stuff in the TV channels I think that is a much better option.


2 thoughts on “Are TV serials a waste of time?

  1. Absolutely a waste of time but I have to wonder…is it that people who watch these shows are so bored with their own lives that they feel the need to watch other’s lives (even in the form of fictional characters) or is it that they are so busy watching other peoples lives, they neglect to make time to live their own life and make it less boring?

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