A Tree that bleeds

dragons_blood_tree_lgHey Guys!!!! Today I am going to share with you something interesting. Did you ever heard of a tree that bleeds blood while cutting? Yes, this is something that will definitely raise your eyebrows.

Red Sap or the Dragon’s blood is a tree that produces a red resin whose color is almost similar to blood. This is a very rare tree which is found Socotora, an archipelago of four small islands located in the Indian Ocean. Do not get scared by looking at the picture of the tree because it has got many medicinal properties that help to cure health diseases.

It is believed that in the ancient times the blood or the resin that used to come out of the tree on cutting it was used to cure persons suffering from respiratory and gastro intestinal problems. Today, it is used in the treatment of numerous diseases such as diahorrea, dysentery, ulcers in the mouth.

The resins of the tree are sold by the name of red rock opium in the market. The tree because of its bizarre shape has the ability to survive even in harsh climatic conditions and can survive days without water.

So, whenever you visit the Socotora Islands do not forget to see the DRAGON’S BLOOD TREE


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