The act of forgiveness

All of us at some point of our lives have faced a hostile situation where either a person or a group of persons have passed a negative comment about us or have insulted us in one way or the other. In fact, we ourselves have also been involved in a verbal spat with our friends, relatives or any other close persons. Let me mention here that I am not talking of small fights that we have over petty things. I am speaking of a situation when you have been hurt by that person, whom you trusted the most. But how many of us have forgiven that person? I would not be surprised if your answer is NO as we should never forgive someone who has betrayed us

But did you know that forgiving someone gives us a great source of mental satisfaction? It is only our egos that give birth to the hatred in our mind against a particular person. By developing a feeling of hatred we carry a psychological burden throughout our lives. But the moment we forgive a person, we free our mind from all the ill feelings we had. By forgiving someone we return the evil intention back to that person and when that person realizes his or her fault that becomes our victory.

A research done by few professors of Duke University revealed that people who forgive others lead a better, healthier and a longer life. They also tend to be very optimistic about things. Today, in this world of betrayal it is very difficult to trust someone but I believe that a person who forgives another has gifted himself or herself the most precious gift on this earth.



2 thoughts on “The act of forgiveness

  1. Forgiveness, widely talked, yet not widely walked, is nothing short of nourishment for an overburdened heart. Releasing me, as well as you from a place neither of us wants to be. In a word… freedom.
    Within a compassionate heart, I notice you matter in every situation. This in itself is salvation, releasing me from something that would otherwise eat me up from the inside out.
    By putting myself above no one alleviates digestive distress, therefore enables me to process this very large meal I’ve just been served, in a way I won’t later regret.
    Through the mirror of self recognition, I’m unable to think what you do is worse than what I do. That my hurt, hurts more than yours. And its through this thoughtful heart, I secure a safe path for both of us through the foibles of life, keeping us equally yoked… equally blessed.

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