Did you knew this about Santa?

By the time you will be reading this article, Santa would have arrived in your home showering gifts on your tiny tots and lots of love for you. As we celebrate Christmas every year, we eagerly wait for this one day of and so are our children who expect wonderful gifts from this old aged man, but how many of us know about Santa? Who was he? Is Santa his real name or he has some other name also? Is he married and have kids?

After reading this blog you will get answers to all your questions

The real name of Santa Claus was St. Nicholas. He was born in the year 270 B.C. and was a Bishop by profession in the city of Myra (now known as Turkey). He used to pay the dowries of poor girls and also kept coins in the shoes of children when they were asleep. Thus, doing such kind of things made him a gift giver. In the short story, A Christmas Legend written by James Rees, the author has mentioned that Santa got married in the year 1849.

Though there is no record but according to legends it is said that Nicholas often used to wear a red colored cloak and was helped by a small boy who was an orphan. He died on 6th December and was considered as a saint of children and sailors.

Thatzz all Guyzz!! My warm wishes to you all on the eve of Christmas.







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