Before taking a New Year Resolution, you must read this!!!

We are all set to bid adieu to another year in a few hours and welcome a new year with our arms wide open. In the very beginning of each year, we start taking resolutions or what is known as  NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. This might include taking a pledge to improve our finances, giving more importance to our health, helping poor, making new friends or starting life in an all new way. But, what is the origin of new year resolution?  How did it all begin? These are the questions that struck my mind and I decided to write this blog on the eve of the New Year.

By doing a little research, I found out that it was the Babylonians who started the tradition of a New Year Resolution.  They used to make promises to their Gods at the beginning of each year to return any objects that they have borrowed and also to pay off all the debts. This is really quite interesting and I hope we could continue the tradition till date. The Romanians on the other hand, started their year by praying to God Janus, after whom the month of January is named.

In order to determine the success rate of the New Year Resolution, Richard Wiseman, a professor of Psychology at Hertfordshire University did a research in order to find out that how many people were able to live up to their new year resolutions. The research showed that 88% of the people who take resolutions on New Year failed to live their resolution. I was very shocked!!! When I came to know the figure and thought that instead of taking a resolution, everyone of us should make a promise to ourselves and that is how we can bring a change to our lives.

A HAPPY 2014 to all the readers





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