How drawing books help kids

In our childhood, every one of us has tried drawing once or the other time. It is rather a favorite hobby for many kids. Drawing is the initial step towards developing once artistic and painting skills. An amateur mind of a kid always starts its first journey by sketching abrupt images and drawing zig zag lines. Drawing books are hence an essential part in the artistic development of a child.

A child recognizes a word for the first time by identifying the pattern in which the word is written. A pattern is also a form of drawing and hence it is the appearance of a word in a certain way that helps a child to develop his or her artistic skills. In an interview given to a leading newspaper, Betty Edwards, author of the famous book drawing on the Right Side of the Brain said that “a kid doesn’t learn to draw by herself any more than she learns to read by herself.” This suggests that drawing can be very easily adapted by a kid.

Drawing an image or a picture helps a kid to develop his or her skills in a lot of ways. It helps to express their ideas in the paper in a more clear and precise way. Grasping power of a child is develops more when he does the work all by himself. Painting is also such an art where everything is learnt by the child, so he has the ability to retain a particular thing.

Drawing an object or an animal involves a lot of brain activity. A child has to think deeply before connecting one end of a line to the other. Questions like how to connect the line? Whether this will make the object look good?  arise in the mind which will force him to think again and again. Thus, we can say that it also initiates the process of thinking inside a child. When a child finally learns to draw an object properly; a confidence comes inside him and thus the next time he is more aware and learns to draw an object more beautifully.

There are many books that encourage a child to draw an imaginary situation. Hence, it helps a kid to increase the thinking power to develop new ideas for his work. Creativity of a child is thus greatly increased by such books.



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