Conquer Fear

Forget Everything About Resistance. Yes, that’s what I mean by the word FEAR. Concentrate on the last word ‘Resistance’. This is the biggest thing that prevents us from doing the impossible and this is the thing that pulls us back from expressing our potential. We as human beings resist from doing certain things because we have never ever done that before and the moment we face any such situation we tend to pull back ourselves.

In this blog, I am going to discuss how to overcome fear by citing an example from my own life.



Two years ago, I completed my MBA. Like any other job aspirants, I started to search for a job, but the tumbling economy did not allow me to get my dream job. Let me first mention here that I wanted to become a Financial Analyst. I appeared for a number of interviews, but was not successful in getting my dream job. I used to search for a similar job profile, but like the economy, there was gloom everywhere.

Finally, I decided to follow my passion and decided to become a content writer. But, merely taking a decision was not enough; I had to make sure that I get a job. For me, being a content writer was getting out of my comfort zone and stepping into a world of which I completely had no idea. FEAR, NEGATIVE FEELINGS were the only thing that used to revolve around my head. I had been resisting myself from getting any other jobs except in the field of finance, but life had some other plans for me.

I decided to cut down my resistance and took baby steps towards being a content writer. I began to write blogs. I have not even in my wildest dreams that this would one day finally land me up a job that was a passion for me. Few months after I started blogging, I got a call from a company for the profile of content writer and since then there has been no looking back. By the grace of God and the blessings of my parents I am today in such a profession that has a bright future.

So, what I did was I overcame my resistance towards writing and worked towards it. I still have to learn and go a long way as my journey has just started.

I request all my readers that do those things that you have been resisting and ultimately you will conquer fear one day.





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