Why kids love cartoons

As a kid, I remember I used to run to my grandmother’s room, take the remote and turn on the television set to watch my favorite cartoon Mickey Mouse. There was a fixed time every evening. It was at 5pm when a particular channel used to air a one hour cartoon series and I used to come to my grand mas room wherever I was; either at a playground or studying in my room.

The big question that arises in my mind every time is why we as kids love to watch cartoons. Though there is no scientific research done till date but it can be said that as kids we have a very innocent mind and respond quickly to imaginable things. We love to be in the fantasy world where characters have some special superpowers like the ability to fly high in the sky, the power of moving a huge rock with a simple stroke of a finger. Watching them doing all these unimaginable things entertain us and even make us laugh sometimes.

If you have noticed carefully, you will see that cartoons are such a type of visual media where there is a proper synchronization of color, special effects and sound. Unlike the TV soaps, the characters in them are not human, but are an imaginative portrayal either of an alien or an animal. Children always like to see something different which they do not view in everyday life and cartoons no doubt portrays such things in an engaging way.

The positive side of the cartoons is the winning of good over evil. Let us, for example, take the character of the Powerpuff girls. The three girls always drive away evil and prevent it from affecting the society. Children learn a lot from such cartoons and hence imbibe moral character inside them.


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