Lullaby- an instant way to calm down your child

As small babies, we all have listened to lullabies either lying in the lap of our grandmother or sleeping aside by our mothers. There is a sweet rhythm in lullabies that produces a soothing effect in the mind of babies, which puts them to sleep very easily. They act as an instant healing power to the mind and calms it down very easily.

A research was done by the Great Ormond Street Hospital, where the doctors carried out a simple experiment on babies with low heart rates.  A clutter of babies was divided into two groups. To one  group, lullaby was sung and the other group was not allowed to listen any kind of lullabies. The result of the experiment was this:

The heart rate of babies, which pumped rapidly  was significantly reduced from 134.1 to 128.7 and those who were not exposed to any kind of lullabies or music did not show any change. Hence, the above research is just a proof to the fact that lullabies are the ultimate way to calm down  a child. They ease the pain of a kid and that is why a lullaby is even sung to a crying toddler. This is actually a kind of music therapy that is applied on children.  


So, the next time your tiny tot cries you know what’s the solution!!!!



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