This Famous Failure Story Will Boost Your Confidence

Are you devastated, disheartened, demotivated and have low self confidence after facing failures innumerable times? If you are, then do not be; as today I am going to share the story of Walt Disney who have faced rejections as well as failures all his life, but finally has achieved unprecedented success and is today famous all over the world for his wonderful animated films

After reading this blog you will certainly get back to your enthusiastic, ever zealous nature, start finding the reasons for failure and will of course achieve success in your life. I will discuss with you the story of Walt Disney, whose very first name reminds us of cartoon.


 Walt Disney was rejected from a newspaper agency as the people there though that he lacked original ideas and therefore was of no value. In the year 1927, he made his first ever cartoon character and named it as Mickey Mouse. When he approached MGM studios, he was shown the exit door as the people there thought that the character would terrify women. Today, Mickey Mouse is the favorite cartoon character of the children all over the world.

The three little pigs, which were also created by this ace cartoonist, got rejected as the distributors though that cartoons should have more than four characters in order to entertain the children. Once, the animated film was released after facing a number of rejections, it became immensely popular and was therefore played for many years in one of the theatres.

By this time, you must have realized the importance of failures in life. If you have not faced failures in life, you will never undergo the feeling of being rejected and most importantly will not have the chance to find the flaws in you and rectify them.




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