The Story of Lizzie Velásquez which moved me



We often complain about not being beautiful and wish we had an attractive face and sharp features which would appeal to others, but what would you do if you are born with a deformed face? Would you give up life by committing suicide due to the constant harassment faced at the public places? Well, something similar happened with Lizzie Velásquez, but she did not take the extreme step of ending her life, rather she adorned her life and is reliving it with perfect pride.  

This 23 year old girl has been given the title of the ‘Ugliest Woman of the world’, but the unprecedented success and recognition which she has achieved at 23 years can rarely be achieved by any other girl at her age with such a rare disease in the world. Today, I want to share with you the story of this brave hearted girl who by the dint of strong determination has proved to the world that to be famous you do not need to be beautiful or attractive.

Lizzie Velásquez is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs only 58 pounds. She is one of those rare patients who suffer from the neonatal progeroid syndrome, which does not allow the body to store fat. Since childhood she has been suffering from this dreaded disease. She cannot live without food and needs to have something after every thirty minutes. She has to consume at least 5000 kilocalories of food every day in comparison to any other person whose normal consumption is 3,770 only.

Living with this extreme condition has never been easy for this girl. She used to face bullying constantly from her friends even in school and with an unusual glare from the general public whenever she went out. But this strong girl overcame all the obstacles as she continued her studies and went on to do her graduation in communication from the Texas State University. What’s more is that she even wrote two books titled Be Beautiful, Be You and Lizzie Beautiful. Today, she also speaks to young students giving motivational speech to the students in Texas.


When I read her story on the internet, it moved me and I could not stop my tears from flowing. I also learnt one lesson from her life and that is, God might not have given you something which you strongly wanted, but at the same time you can always be happy with the other things you have got in life.




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