An opinion on DARK

Dark, we associate this four letter word to something scary, gloomy and often use it to describe about a poorly lit place. Some people even have a strange obsession for the color dark. They wear dark garments, drive dark coloured vehicles and pick every such things whose color is black. But is dark associated only with negativity or evil? Well, I do not think so. I think when we speak of dark, the  colour which instantly strikes my mind is BLACK.

Now I try to find out two reasons here why dark is not a bad thing at all.

I take two characters; one from the fiction world and the other from the non- fiction world and try to support my claim that dark is not bad at all.

Batman: This fictional character is known as the prince of darkness, who was born to eradicate all the evil from the society. This comic character is an inspiration and a favorite action hero of many children. Since the year of its debut in the year 1939, this character has graduated from a comic book to the 70 mm screen.


Nelson Mandela: Hearing the name, only one word comes to mind RESPECT. There are numerous prefixes that can be attached to his name; revolutionary, politician and a philanthropist. He became the voice of all the slaves by raising his voice against apartheid and proved to the world that black people are not someone to be neglected. He even served 35 years in jail and after that became the President of South Africa. Even after his stint as a President was over, he continued to be associated with noble causes and established the Nelson Mandela Foundation, which is primarily involved in serving people.


So, both the characters; Batman and Nelson Mandela  are heroes. One thing common between them is darkness. If the former was known as the prince of darkness, the latter was darker in skin color. Hence, to me these two personalities have changed the meaning of dark and represents the DARK in a positive aspect to the society.




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