Woman- The Pillar of Strength in a Society



A Woman is someone who brings warmth, love, compassion and joy in a man’s life. She is the one who fills up the scarcity in a family by playing the role of a wife. She is the one who brings a new person by giving birth to the first member of the offspring by playing the role of a mother. She is the one who dedicates all her time and devotes it to the family and nurtures it just like a newly bloomed flower.

Yet sometimes, it is painful to hear stories of atrocities and violence against her. Today, the plight of women in our society is quite detrimental as far as their security is concerned. News of eve teasing and rape is dotted everywhere in newspapers as well as in news channels in the form of breaking news. It is quite painful to hear such stories. We as individuals have to raise our voices against all those miscreants who simply go to the extent of creating havoc in the life of women. Those persons do not have the conscience and the maturity of deciding which is right and wrong.

In Hindu Mythology, a woman is said to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is the destroyer of evil and was the one who demolished the evil demon Mahishasura, who had captured the kingdom of heaven thereby disrupting its peace and dethroning all the kings residing there.

A woman stands firm like a pillar and leaves no stone unturned to save her family, but still it has been seen that the man departs her and leaves her in times of need. On the eve of international Women’s day, I dedicate this blog to one of my blogging friend from Australia.

She was abandoned by her husband a few years after their marriage. Being married at an early age and divorced even before the age of attaining maturity left her completely devastated, but this iron lady did not leave her strong courage and rose up all her kids. Today, she is an independent homemaker a businesswomen and a successful blogger.

The story hence teaches us that a woman is not someone who is to be underestimated and looked down upon. Each and every woman in this world is an incarnation of Goddess Durga and has the ability to fight against all odds of life.

I wish all my female readers a very HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY


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