Inside the Library


It was after a long time that I spent an hour sitting inside the library. I remember, the last time I sat in a library was at my college and that too taking notes of an important subject. I really did not have the time then to introduce myself to the ambience of the library. Today, I had a fabulous time spending time there. What is so special about this beautiful place is the complete silence that dominates everywhere, only to be disturbed by the occasional movement of chairs or an activity by any member sitting inside it.

Library is the only place in the world where books take the pride by giving a subtle hint to the reader. They speak a beautiful language which says- “If you really want to spend time with me, then get lost in me. Do not dare to divert your attention from me or else you will lose interest in me”. This is just my way of describing the psychology books as I am an avid lover of reading and I believe it’s not only me; every book lovers in this world believe in the fact that a book is best read in a calm atmosphere which is only available inside a library.

The organized way in which the magazines, newspapers and the books are kept in a library is a testimony to the fact that you should not only read books here, but are also expected to keep them in a proper way, once done with the reading. There are some people who come in the library, read the books and do not keep them back in the proper manner. I really hate those persons who are not able to follow some of the most simple rules in the library like maintaining silence, keeping books in a proper way and so on. Not following such rules is a form of showing disrespect to the books.

A library will always remain a book lovers delight and as a lover of books I will continue visiting library from today onwards.







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