The Pink Lake of Senegal



If you are someone who loves to go to unknown places and explore interesting things, then Lake Retba or the Pink Lake of Senegal should be your next destination. The water of the entire lake is pink colored. The reason for this unusual pink color is due to the presence of a bacterium known as Dunaliella Salina. Such type of bacteria is only found in those places, where the salt content is highest. Lake Retba, owing to its highly saline water attracts such kind of bacteria. Dunaliella Salina cannot live without sunlight; in order to survive, they constantly absorb sunlight thus releasing a red pigment which in turns gives the pink color to the water.

Due to the highly saline water, there is rarely any aquatic species that resides here. It is spread over an area of 3 square kilometers and no human population resides here.


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