How often do you WRITE?

Let me say it in the beginning that I am not talking of blog posts or stuff like that. I am talking of paper-pen writing. Yes, with the introduction of gadgets like computers and ipad; the traditional way of writing has taken a backseat. We seldom take the help of pen and a paper these days to write down our ideas or to  prepare the monthly budget; as for expressing ideas we have word and for making a list we have excel and numerous other applications which enables us to quickly prepare anything.


It was last evening, when I had to write an application on a white sheet of paper. I noticed a subtle change in the flow of my writing and the movement of my fingers. It seemed as if the fingers felt dejected, but not rejected. I ultimately regained the lost speed to some extent after I wrote two- three lines. This taught me one thing, that to write beautifully and effortlessly, it is necessary to write regularly.

Today, the whole world has shifted to digital writing due to computer technology. You cannot find piled up files in offices any more as all the data are now stored in a computer. Even the concept of digital signature has come in to use that does not require an individual to sign on the paper with a pen. But does that mean that we should refrain ourselves from the traditional form of writing? No, writing is an art. Not many people are able to master the habit of good handwriting which looks good as well as professional. One should not let go this habit so easily.




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