It has been more than a year since I started Blogging. I have received some wonderful comments, sometimes maximum likes and an unexpected REBLOG from my readers. In the course of this one year, I have also been successful in getting more than one hundred followers. I want to thank all my followers as well as readers who had the patience to stop by and read my blog.

My passion for blogging will never stop. It has now entered my blood and I am in a lovely relationship with blogging. I do not aim to write with the purpose of getting maximum followers or likes, but I write to give interesting, unknown and exciting information. If you are anyone of those who is reading my blog right now, then take a look at my blog posts and you will be able to understand that I write topics on lifestyle, relationships, travel, photography and ideologies.

I believe in the fact that I am still at a very nascent stage of writing and the journey of writing has just begun. I need to go a long way and write more interesting stuff for my readers.

Thank you readers for all your support and I am looking forward for more wonderful posts from YOU. Keep writing and happy BLOGGING to all my blogger friends.


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