Solitude- an intoxication for writers

Yes, this is quite true, if you are a loner and a writer, then solitude is a blessing for you. You do not have to repent for being lonely, rather you can show your gratitude to God for being putting you in this state of mind. According to an American psychologist Rollo May- “ a creative person must make the constructive use of loneliness.” Creative ideas pour in the mind at that time  when there  are no distractions around. It helps an individual to develop a deep thinking regarding  a particular subject.


Creative people such as  artists, poets and writers often need to day dream in order to develop a deep penchant for their craft. Moreover, spending time lonely helps to listen to your inner conscious and listen to the gentle whispers  of the heart and once you are able to identify your inner sound of the soul you ultimately indulge yourself in self improvement.

Though, creative people are often cursed with the tag of being ‘lonely’, but that is instead a blessing for them.


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