The Story of a Skyscraper SLUM

The title must have surprised you- a slum and that too a skyscraper. Normally, on hearing the name SLUM the picture that comes to our mind is of a shanty place in a dilapidated condition, but this skyscraper in Venezuela’s capital city merely compliment the word SLUM as it is almost equivalent to that of a luxurious apartment. You can find here a helicopter landing pad and an elongated balcony in order which organizes weekend barbecues.


But how did this 45 storey skyscrapper become one of the swankiest slum apartments of the world? Well, there is a small story behind it. In the year 1994, this building was primarily constructed in order to set up a financial center. Unfortunately, due to the sudden death of its founder David Brillembourg. In the year 2007, the building was illegally occupied by a group of people and this matter was completely ignored by the government. Today, more than 3000 people reside in this tower.

So, on your visit to Venezuela do not forget to visit the place.


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