Making unconventional choices in life

I live by the philosophy that a person who makes unusual choices in life is the winner at the end of the day.

All of us from our childhood are brought up doing things in a certain way or following the traditional rules. Doing this makes us the master of our trade but a real winner is that person who makes unusual choices in life and succeeds in doing that.

Being a Masters in Finance, I choose writing as a profession. Though writing is something which has developed in me as a passion but converting it into a profession for me was like entering into an unchartered territory. I had absolutely zero knowledge about professional writing or what you called in technical terms as ‘content writing’ and ‘creative writing.’ I was quite skeptical about my career choice because I could not see any future in it and most importantly I was unsure of the fact that whether I could make a living depending on this profession.

But on the other side, I was somewhere confident that being a novice writer could only help me learn the tricks of the trade and make me a better professional. In my professional journey of 2.5 years I think I have evolved out to be a better writer. This was possible only because I made a unconventional choice in life and took a risk.

Anyone who is reading this article, I want to say that Make unconventional choices in life ofcourse but not at the cost of sacrificing your passion as far as making a career is concerned. I think if one has the self belief that he or she can do it by sheer hard work and determination then he or she should go ahead and live the life of dreams.


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