I heard the sounds of nature today

Yes, while going for a morning walk in the nearby park, I heard the sounds of nature. The birds welcomed the new day with their constant chirping, the buzzing sound of the bees somewhere in the deep woods gave the indication that they were busy in their hives. The leaves of the trees made a magical sound together as a gentle wind flew. It seemed that these tall structures were dancing and welcoming winter while spreading their branches.

I paused the soundtrack of my phone, took out my earplugs, stood still for some time and listened to those subtle sounds of nature. It seemed as if they were singing a tune which was soothing to the ears. Most of the time we are surrounded by sounds like conversation of people, the sound of automobiles in the road and many other similar sounds but we rarely have the chance to listen to the sounds of Mother Earth. It is an experience in itself to listening to these wonderful sounds.

Now, let the pictures do the talking

WP_20141221_001 WP_20141221_002 WP_20141221_004 WP_20141221_005


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