How I overcame a challenging task

What do you do when there is a challenge? Does the mighty fear engulf you? Or do you challenge ‘The Challenge’? Well, I do the later. Today I will discuss about a challenge to whom I challenged and finally emerged successful. Since the last three days, I have been mentally and physically down. The reason? Well, this is about an assignment that has been assigned to me. I was given the responsibility of editing a book. A task which I had never done before. I was quite frightful first and nervous because this was definitely a herculean task for a novice like me who has just began to take baby steps in the world of advertising.

The first time when I got the task, I was not quite sure that whether I would be able to finally edit the book. It seemed to me as if someone has left me in an ocean full of dangerous creatures and I have to swim back to the shore safe. I decided to give my best because I believe in the philosophy that

 “If there is a large stone kept in the middle of the road, you cannot remove it entirely at once. You need to cut it piece by piece and finally one day you will achieve success”

I followed the principle. I woke up two nights, went without food, got sick but I never dithered away from my goal. I did not take the shortcut rather I swam the waters facing hurdles and finally achieved success.

So, my dear readers and writers, there will be times when you will feel like giving up, but remember that is the time when you should not give up, but rather wait patiently for the success, because the fruit of hardwork is always SWEET.


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