Growing up

Growing up, is a phenomenon that has been created by nature. A baby develops into a child then to a fully grown adult and finally as an aged person. The same law is applicable for plants and animals. They grow, they mature and they develop. There is no scientific reason behind growing up as this is something which is controlled by the creator of this earth – God.

When it comes to growth, it’s we the human beings who grows up at a fast rate. Plants take hundreds and thousands of years to develop into a full grown tree. Did you ever give a thought to the idea that what if “We would have grown at a slow pace?” Well, I believe that we all would have played in the parks with our moms n dads even we were 20 something and we still would gone to school. The thought is very weird though, but imagine what would have happened then?

We all grow up so fast. We all have to succumb to forces of nature. Today, when I see my childhood or school days pictures, it makes me feel as if it was only a year earlier that I used to go to school, as if it was only a few days back that I got a punishment from our class teacher. It seems to me that even now I can get a free ride in the public transport because I am not old enough.

It seems like we are conditioned to grow and surrender to the nature’s law of getting a work after we finish our education, we are conditioned to make a family after we have a good source of income. Sometimes, I feel we all should grow up definitely but there should be more delay in the pace of our growth.

What do you think friends?


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