Literature – a self discovery

One of the reasons for my long hiatus from WordPress was the effect of literature in my life. Right now my reading desk is filled with books like The Lowland, The Glass Palace, The Zig Zag way and many others. Throughout my reading session one thing I have discovered is the style of literary writing. Penning words are very easy, but describing a particular situation of life or an event is only possible through literature. It helps you to understand the deeper meaning of life.

Emotions, whether good or bad can be described through metaphors in a literary novel. For all budding writers, literary read is a must and why only writers, even people from every spheres of life should read literature. It is a form of self discovery where the reader can get an insight about the simple truths of life which we tend to ignore sometimes.

Not only this, even poets tend to draw influences from literature. It is a completely different form of reading where the lonely mind gets a companion and live in a world that is entirely different. Hence, a poetic mind draws inspiration even from a literary read.


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