Do you know these facts about La Tomatina Festival?

Every year in August, La Tomatina Festival is held in Spain. Although it is held for fun, but there are some amazing facts of the festival which you must know.

  • This is the largest food fight in the world where more than 40,000 people throw tomatoes on each other on the Mediterranean town of Bunol.
  • The festival has its origin from a street brawl. In 1945, a furious street fight broke out where people started pelting vegetables at each other. In the same year, another street fight broke out between two furious groups of youngsters, where they threw tomatoes on each other. Following this incident, a ban was imposed. Later, the people of the country made it as a tradition.
  • An interesting fact of the fight is that it starts with a slice of ham. It is hung on top of a pole in a town square called ‘Polo Jabon’
  • More than 40 metric tonnes of low- quality tomatoes are used in this festival. These tomatoes come from a place called Extremadura.
  • These tomatoes act as disinfectant. It’s the level of acids present inside these tomatoes that acts as a cleaning agent.

Do you know about any other interesting fact about the La Tomatina Festival? Please add them in the comments section.La-Tomatina-tomato-festival-Bunol-Spain-1


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