What’s In a Time ?

Whenever I see the seconds of the clock moving in a clockwise direction completing one round, I wander how does the clock keep an account of it’s own time? All it has to do is just to move on and on; until and unless the battery gives up. It runs the human race. It tells us, “Hey! Get up you sleepy thing and go to work” or “it’s time to sleep again!” but who runs time? The question always makes rounds in my mind.

We are all bounded by time rather confined within it. When we say that “give me some time” we take the advantage of moments, we take advantage of our thought process. Think deeply! can we exactly calculate that we will take this much time to take a particular decision? For me, the answer is no because I believe we do not take time to think, rather the thought process generates in our mind and triggers an emotion inside the brain to decide what is right and what is wrong.

So, what is time? I guess a four letter word, a circular thing that has numbers in it and three sticks with a battery at the back.

What do you think?

Infinity time spiral 15267876

Infinity time. Digital generated


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