How to boost your imagination power

For those writers, who love to write fiction stories, imagination always plays an important role. What would be the plot of the story? Who is the main protagonist and who are the other characters in the story? How does the protagonist look like? Where does he or she stay? All these are left to the vivid imagination of the author who is penning the story. A lot of thinking process goes on behind thinking and creating these characters and ofcourse about the wists and turns that are going to the there in the story.

Well, I am currently reading a book titled ‘Ideate’ by June a Valladares. In her book she notes down few interesting points that really helps to boost our imagination power

  • Reading books
  • Spending time with nature
  • A good company of people
  • An optimistic approach towards life
  • A healthy body
  • Spending time in solitude

You can download the book from this link

Happy writing!